Do I Need A Website For A Work At Home Business?

website example imageDo I Need A Website For A Work At Home Business?

Technically no, you don’t need a website if you have a work from home business. However, I highly recommend that you do.  The primary reason I say this is because you have complete control and you can promote your business and build your brand and reputation in many different ways.

What I mean by this is; the way I generate sales for my home based business is currently completely done by actively promoting my website. You may be thinking, why do I do it this way? Well simply put, I own my website. I built my website myself and I pay for hosting it. It is mine and that cannot be taken away from me ever.

I do utilize other things to gain traffic to my website such as; Facebook, writing articles, utilizing forums, other blogs, You Tube, etc. However, I don’t own any of these traffic sources. I will use Facebook as my example. If Facebook decided to close down tomorrow and I used that as my only source to generate income for my business, then I would be put out of business.

I personally believe that I need to be in control of all aspects of my online business. If I own and control it, then it doesn’t matter to me if tomorrow Facebook closes down, because I still own my website and I can generate traffic to it utilizing other sources.

Continuing using Facebook as my example, it is a fact that the internet is always changing and evolving. As of right now Facebook might be the cream of the crop as far as social networking goes, but in a few years that will most likely change. You may be reading this and are thinking I am crazy, but remember just a few short years ago MySpace was all the rage, and now I don’t know of hardly anyone still using it. The internet will continue to change since people are always coming up with new ideas and technology continually evolves.

So personally, if you have a home based business or are considering starting one, I think you are insane if you don’t have your own website for it.

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Good Luck.