How to Be An Article Marketing Expert

Tips To Help You Become An Article Marketing Expert

Article marketing is now a very popular, effective way for businesses to market themselves to potential customers. But, many people have no idea where to start with this marketing technique. Fortunately, this article contains plenty of tips about how you can make article marketing work for you and your business.

If you have a knack for writing, write articles and submit them to article sites. Doing this will not only increase your search-able content, but it will also bring in hordes of new readers to your website.

Article MarketingStart with an unforgettable title. Keep in mind that creating a title is like making a first impression. Starting strong will catch a reader's attention and make him want to read further. Without a good title, your article might be passed by and never read, wasting your time and effort.

Post new articles to your website regularly. Many search engines return to your blog or site on a regular basis for re-indexing. When you continually post fresh articles, search engines can index your website much more frequently and this may lead to faster conversions of customers.

Make sure that your articles contain the information your reader is looking for. The simple act of repeating keywords with loads of filler, without including any real content that the reader wants, is going to put you on the fast track to nowhere. Your article needs to be something that people will want to read.

Do your keyword research. If you have already written an article, but aren't sure what to title it, look for commonly searched keywords that will fit the article. Do not use keywords that don't match up. No one likes to be looking for fishing gear and click on an article about the most recent music videos.

One of the most inviting things about article marketing is that there's really nothing complicated behind the scenes making it all work. Yes, the work can be tedious and you certainly have to know how to get your articles read by viewers. When it comes to formulating a campaign, it's a straightforward process that anyone can do.

If you are looking for a fantastic way to promote a website, service, product or a blog, article marketing can help you succeed. Article marketing simply means selling yourself or ideas through a well-written composition. By doing a little research, anyone can learn how to create a great article marketing piece.

Your article needs a good and catchy title. The title is the key to captivating readers and you'll need one that stands out. Consider making the header a statement or a question that contains your target keywords.

Article marketing can be used as a creative outlet for those who like to write things. Not only can they earn some money from it but it will help them practice their writing abilities so they can improve upon them. Choosing to do article marketing in ones free time can offer many benefits.

When writing content to market your articles, make sure that it's current. Most people want to learn the latest and greatest on a subject, not that of "yesterday." That is of course unless you are writing historically, in which case, "old news" is going to be your "new news." You need to be aware of what's new with your topics, especially if they pertain to items such as technology, marketing, design, etc. What worked not too long ago, may not work at all today, so keep your content fresh.

Your article word count should be between 400 and 600 words. Your readers will be more interested in reading articles of the right length. Lengthy articles will make readers lose interest. You don't want your audience to become bored with your content. Stick with writing articles that are not ambiguous and offer valid information.

As stated at the beginning of this article, article marketing is a great way to market your business. By applying some of the advice mentioned in the tips presented above, you can successfully incorporate article marketing into your marketing campaign.

Here is a link to a list of all the potential article directories you can submit your articles to.

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Private Label Rights a.k.a. PLR

What is PLR?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. Basically PLR can be articles, ebooks, graphics, templates, video, web audio etc. and can be distributed, sold, or claimed by anyone to be their own work.

What I mean by this is someone will write some original digital content and then sell their content as PLR which allows the buyer to do just about whatever they want with it. The buyer can use the content and claim it as their own, they can sell the content, they can give it away for free, etc. Basically the original creator sells their content, and they don’t care what you do with it after that for the most part.

Many internet marketers use PLR to keep from having to write content for themselves for their websites, blogs, articles, etc. Why? Because writing is hard work and takes time.

Should I buy and use PLR?

My opinion is no. The reason I say this is because search engines, specifically Google doesn’t like duplicate content. Even if you were to buy the PLR and re-write some of it, still the majority of it has been duplicated.  Google will recognize it as duplicate content and this will hurt your search engine rankings. Google LOVES new and original content and that will help you rank better.

I made the mistake of purchasing some really cheap PLR when I first started out.  When I opened it and read it I realized it was crap. I ended up rewriting almost all of it anyway, and realized this was a waste of my time. It was easier and quicker for me to write my own stuff, then read through and re-write someone else’s stuff.

Also, I am not a very good writer, but the PLR I purchased the writing and grammar, etc. was so bad it made my writing look worthy of winning a Pulitzer Prize.

Bottom line, stay away from PLR, it is a waste of your time and money. Write your own content, and if you are really uncomfortable with that then hire a good writer to write the content for you, but this will cost you some money. However if you want an online home based business for yourself then I recommend writing your content yourself. It is something that is essential and you need to learn and get comfortable with, and the only way you can do that is with practice.

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Bad Writer? Worried About Writing For Your Website?

I Am A Terrible Writer; Can I Still Create A Website?

Of course you can. I am not what you would call a great writer, and writing does not come easy to me either. Of all the things I am doing for my work at home business writing content for my blog, and website, etc. is by far the most difficult.

I thought that the technical aspects like creating a website were going to be the most difficult, but I was wrong. Don’t misunderstand me, learning the technical skills to build websites, etc. was hard for me, but writing has turned out to be much harder.

writingWhy? Well simply because even if I learn and understand the fundamental aspects of writing, that doesn’t mean I can do it well.  I have never aspired to be a writer or author, but the more I do it out of necessity for my business the less I mind doing it, and I have even started to enjoy it.

The reason is because I like providing solutions for others. It is a real natural high for me knowing that I am helping others.

Having said that, I still know that I am not a good writer, but I have finally figured out that I don’t have to be. All that matters is that I am giving people good information regardless of how well it’s written.

Since coming up with the words to put on paper are difficult for me, a lot of the time I just speak what I want to say, and type it as I am saying it. It is a lot easier to talk then it is to write, so I just combine the two.  I haven’t purchased any software in which you speak and it types the words for you in a document, but maybe I should look into that, it might make things easier for me.

Back to my original question of “I am a terrible writer; can I still create a website?” My opinion is yes. If I can do it, there is no reason you can’t.

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