How To Spot Make Money Online SCAMS

How to Identify "Make Money Online" Scams

The are so many make money online scams out there it is terrifying. Don't get me wrong there are tons of scam products, programs, and software out there for ever other catetory as well, but it definitely seems to be most prominent in the “how to make money online” and "work from home" categories. Making Money Online Scams

People promising that you will be a millionaire by using this system, or push a couple of buttons and you will get rich from the internet, or create a website and make thousands of dollars a month, etc. The simple fact is that none of that is true. I am sure you heard the old saying “if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” That is one statement that is right. Making money online through a home based business is a ton of work, just as any other business would be. Anyone that tells you differently be it online or not is trying to scam you.

In the interest of saving your money and time, I am going to share with you a few simple rules to follow to figure out immediately if what you are interested in buying online is a scam.

Rule #1: If you are on a website that is trying to sell you something, try to immediately close out of the offer or website without purchasing anything.

If when you try to close the page it prompts you to “Wait, Stay on This Page”, “Are You Sure You Want to Leave This Page”, “Wait, Before You Leave”, or anything similar to that, it is a SCAM plain and simple, so leave the page immediately.

Scam marketers utilize this technique to offer you a lower price for the product they are pitching. In other words if they can’t get you to pay full price for the product immediately, they want to see if they lower the price if you will buy the product or service from them. Many people fall for this and think they are getting a “deal” because they lowered the price to make the sale. That simply is not true. Products or services that are legitimate and offer good value are not willing to lower their prices just to make the sale, especially when the discount is significant. Think about it.

  • Here is a perfect example: You can’t simply walk into any major department store and find something you want to purchase, then when you go to pay for it say “I want a 40% discount on this purchase.” You would be laughed out of the store.
  • Another example: If you go to you certainly cannot expect them to offer you a % off your purchase if you “buy it now.” They sell quality products and they know that when you are ready to purchase, you will purchase, so they won’t discount their products just to make an immediate sale.

Rule #2:  If you do decide to buy a product or service, and the website doesn’t violate rule #1 to spot a scam, then here is another way to spot if it is.

If after your initial purchase, they immediately try to “up sell” or try to get you to purchase something else to enhance your current purchase, then it is a SCAM. If this happens and you have already paid for your initial purchase, immediately request a refund and get your money back. If someone has a good quality product or service, they will give you everything you need in your initial purchase and you shouldn’t have to buy anything else. This is a very common scam used for “how to making money online” products and services. Once you purchase the initial product, then they will try to sell you coaching on top on that, then maybe a piece of software, etc. Simply put, these are scams. If they truly wanted you be successful then why didn’t they just give you everything you needed in the first place?

Rule #3:  “Only so many of these will be sold” tactic, “only on sale for this price for the next ** hours/days”, etc. Those offers are bologna; they just want you to buy right now. Many people buy on impulse without doing any research. Trust me if the offer is there now for that price, it will be there tomorrow.

Rule #4:  Additionally, you need to utilize Forums. If you are considering any product, service, software, etc. regarding “making money online” then you need to check out the Warrior Forum. You can search the forum for any questions; reviews etc. on anything internet marketing related and get feedback from other internet marketers. This resource is invaluable.

Rule #5:  Finally, if you are looking for online work from home possibilities and find these types options; data entry, customer service, medical transcriptionist, completing surveys, processing emails, etc. Let me state plainly the almost all of these "opportunities" are scams. The companies that are representing these types of programs actually charge you a fee to sign up and work with them. If any company charges you to work for them, then it is a scam. You will never have to pay a legitimate company to work for them.

TIP: Always research before you buy something, unless it really doesn’t matter to you that you’re wasting money.

Living by these rules, you can save yourself time, money, and avoid becoming a victim of the many “how to make money online” scams out there.

I hope you found this information helpful. For more helpful and great information regarding anything internet marketing related, check out the rest of my Blog.

Good Luck.