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Are There Really Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online?

Of course, there are many ways to make a living online these days.

Hi, my name is Rachel. I created this website to tell you about my experiences thus far with internet marketing, and it hasn’t been pretty or easy as many out there would lead you to believe. However, I will admit that most of the difficulty I have experienced was due to my own making.

I have been interested in making money online for many years now, but hadn’t really started seriously pursuing it until 2013. Why you may ask, well simply put, information overload!

work from homeI found there is endless information out there on the subject, but I couldn’t figure out where to start. Trying to navigate through all the possibilities in which to go about making money online is extremely confusing, time consuming, and overwhelming.

I didn’t have any basic knowledge or skills on what to do. What I mean by “basic knowledge” is, how to build a website, what to sell (create my own products or sell someone else’s), create a marketing funnel, create blog posts, create and run ads, how do I build traffic to my websites or offers, how do I set up email marketing campaigns, etc., etc.

I knew how to search the internet, send emails, and put updates on my Facebook page, but that was pretty much it. I was afraid to attempt anything because of my lack of technical knowledge and the fact that there are a lot of scams out there.

Like so many others I know, I kept wanting to find a “magical” system that would do everything for me and make me rich, without much work I might add.

Let me tell you now, that does not exist. You can make money online, great money actually, however there is consistent work involved. It is not a push this button and you are rich like many out there lead to believe.

Finally, I just decided to go for it and jump on into the internet marketing world. I figured the only thing I really had to lose was my time, and I had everything to gain.

Why I Failed To Make Money Online for Years

Bottom line, information overload and analysis paralysis. From there I went to the opposite end of the spectrum and tried to do too many different things at once.

The result was I ended up completing nothing and accomplishing nothing. Talk about frustration.

The worst part about it was that it was my own fault. I jumped from one idea to the next without actually finishing anything.

After almost giving up and just quitting, I decided to focus on one strategy and when I was comfortable and making money with that, then I would move on and try something else. One thing at a time was a very critical and important lesson learned for me.

I personally like affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

affiliate marketingBroken down in layman's terms, you are a "Salesperson" for a company, and when you make a sale for them they pay you a commission. However, instead of cold calling, or telemarketing, or begging your family and friends to buy things from you to make sales, you generate traffic using the internet to the company's website or sales page, and if a sale is made, then you get paid.

Just about any company or product you can think of you can be an affiliate for. Some examples are Amazon.com, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Will you need to spend money to make money online?

Yes, absolutely you will.

First you need to figure out how you want to go about making money online since there are many possibilities.

Second, you will need to invest in programs to teach you the different techniques out there. Make things much easier for yourself by following the blueprint of others that are successful and copying the processes that they do.

Then you will need to pay for tools that will help you in your business, such as paying for domain names, hosting for your sales pages, websites, blogs, etc., lead generators, an email autoresponder, etc., etc.

All those tools typically charge a monthly fee to utilize them which is necessary to run your internet marketing business.

Then you will need to pay for advertising to generate leads for your business.

What process do I use to make money online?

As I mentioned previously I prefer affiliate marketing. Here are the steps I use to create an income online.

  • I personally like to create websites or blogs like this one.
  • Then I create squeeze pages using a paid tool to collect email addresses
  • Then I use paid advertising utilizing different sources to drive traffic to my squeeze pages.
  • From there I create email marketing campaigns that focus on the niches that my websites or blogs are about. In those campaigns, I promote products or services to my email lists that are relevant to the list that they are on.
  • I only promote products or services I like or use, that already have a great reputation, or are referred to me by people on my lists.
  • If people on my list buy a product or service I promote, I get paid an affiliate commission.

Again, there are many ways to make money online, but this is one of the simplest, and the one I enjoy the most.

Are there other techniques I use as well? Yes, of course but this is my favorite.

I prefer the K.I.S.S principle better known as “Keep It Simple, Stupid” and the process above is about as simple and easy as it gets.

Do You Have What It Takes To Be Successful Online?

Most people fail to make money online because once they see all they must learn and do to be successful, they are simply not willing to put in the effort or put in the investment required to set up and run a successful online business. It amazes me how mentally lazy people are. They don’t want to take the time and educate themselves to learn how to do something new.

Do you have what it takes to be successful onlineIf you are willing to learn and invest in the tools necessary to run your business that is fantastic, but then you must complete the most important step…YOU MUST TAKE ACTION. You will not be successful if you learn and learn, but don't implement what you've learned. I was guilty of this crucial step for a long time.

Let me state plainly, not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur, or business owner. Many people think an online or work from home business is easy and there is no work required to be successful. This is not true. Any business regardless of what it is will take consistent work on your part.

Having a business for yourself takes hard work, dedication, persistence, endless amounts patience, the ability to adjust to change, and the understanding that you will regularly continue to educate yourself and evolve as time and technology changes. I know that sounds like a lot, and quite honestly it is, but you must be honest with yourself. Only you know if you are truly willing to do those things.

Information Overload

I know I have given you a ton to think about here, and that was my goal. If you were searching the internet for more information on "how to make money online" or anything similar to that, I hope I have cleared a few things up for you.

I hope you found this information on this website helpful. May you have success in everything you do.

Good Luck.